Dear Comic Book Nerds:

As we all know, the Black Panther movie premiere is this weekend. The streets have been all abuzz about it for months—and my late-to-the-party-ignorant-ass-don’t-know-the-first-thing-about- T’Challa-or-Wakanda-ass couldn’t be more pumped about it.

Yes, I am one of them.

The anticipation of this film has single-handedly converted me into someone that I don’t even know, but here I am. I don’t even plan outfits if it’s not a special occasion, but this certainly qualifies. Anybody that knows me knows that I am always here for some Blackness. I’ve still not decided which of my authentic African prints I’ll be sporting to the theater, but I’m certain I’ll be giving all the African queen vibes, whilst rocking tribal paint on my face and whatever essential oil I’ve chosen for a time such as this. From here forward, whenever someone asks me where I’m from, as my African brethren have a tendency to do—instead of my off the cuff ‘I don’t know’, I’m now from Wakanda. Dead ass. Until I actually have DNA evidence that states otherwise, I am an unofficial Wakandan.

Let this serve as my official ‘sorry not sorry’ because I know y’all been doing this shit for years. I can totally relate. I felt the same as you probably do when UGK did that collaboration with Jigga—and most people were like: “Who’s that with Jigga?”, when really—the more appropriate question should have been: “Who’s that with UGK?”. However, I decided that UGK had just been introduced to an audience that they would have otherwise never been exposed to, but I digress.

The point is, we get to see beautiful Black people as superheroes, rather than slaves for once. I feel that this is not only cause for excitement, but celebration—if you will.

One time for a Black ass movie during Black History Month.

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